The final cover story

advance-copiesNo one in the publishing industry listens to the old homage ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ In fact, the cover is the publisher’s main marketing tool. A good book cover can tell you in one glance what the book is about and whether you (or your children) will like it. And an excellent book cover can convince you that you want to buy the book before you’ve even picked it up.

The Too Many Cheeky Dogs cover design was a collaborative effort involving illustrator Dion Beasley, graphic designer Ruth Gruener, editors Sarah Brenan and Jodie Foster and the Allen & Unwin marketing team. After weeks of revisions and numerous ‘tweakings,’ the final (and may I say spectacular cover!) was locked in. Thank you to Ruth Gruener who did a remarkable job accommodating for our creative vision and Allen & Unwin’s marketing requirements.