Our Supporters

Too Many Cheeky Dogs was made possible by the enthusiasm and generosity of many. Biggest thanks goes to Joie Boulter, Dion’s carer, who glued us all together. Without you the book would never have eventuated!¬†Sincere thanks to Ruth Gruener whose design magic helped bring the book to life. Big thanks also to Alison Lester who inspired Johanna to commence the book project and supported its development throughout. Thank you also to Karin Riederer who encouraged us (even though we sprung our idea on you at 7:30am on a cold Tennant Creek morning!). Thanks also to all the people who helped out by giving feedback, putting us up, driving us around, listening to our woes, hosting our workshops and supporting us through the wobbly bits. A special thanks to Jano and Tony who never doubted we’d do it and made lots of allowances to make sure we did.

Thanks also to the incredible team at Allen & Unwin – our Editors Sarah Brenan and Jodie Webster, Director Liz Bray, Publicist Lara Wallace, Publishing Assistant Julia Imogen, and Sales Manager Odette Droulers. We’re grateful for all the extra time you’ve taken teaching us about the publication process. No wonder you’re eleven times publisher of the year!

Last but definitely not least, many thanks to the following organisations who provided funding and in-kind support for the development and promotion of Too Many Cheeky Dogs.




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