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Kevin, Year 4, St Mary's Primary School, Darwin

Kevin, Year 4, St Mary’s Primary School, Darwin

Watch a video all about the making of Too Many Cheeky dogs and let us know what you think via our Facebook page.

Get your cheeky dog story or illustration published on our website!

Do you know a cheeky dog? What’s its name? What does it look like? What naughty things does it get up to? Write a story about your cheeky dog or draw a picture (or both!) and we’ll try to publish it online. Ask an adult to help you email your story and a scan of your illustration to Don’t forget to include your name, age and where you live.

Leif, Year 4, St Mary's Primary School, Darwin

Leif, Year 4, St Mary’s Primary School, Darwin

Make your own cheeky wrapping paper.

You’ll need a pair of scissors, come coloured textas or pencils, a big piece of  paper, a glue stick and some scrap paper (newspaper or old wrapping paper is good). Then just follow the instructions below…

  • Have a look at illustrator Dion Beasley’s dog cut-outs at the front of Too Many Cheeky Dogs.
  • Draw the outline of a dog on a piece of paper.
  • Cut around the edges and colour the dog in.
  • Now stick it on the big coloured piece of paper.
  • Repeat this until you have a page filled with cheeky dogs.
  • And don’t forget to think of someone really special who you could give the wrapping paper too.